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Wardrobe Freshener Rose Petals

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Say goodbye to stuffy closet spaces and hello to the enchanting fragrance of rose petals with our Wardrobe Freshener. This exquisite wax tablet provides a refreshing burst of fragrance that invigorates your closet while keeping your clothes smelling fresh.

Crafted with natural ingredients, our wax tablet gently diffuses the delightful aroma of rose petals throughout your wardrobe. Simply place the wax tablet in your closet or dresser drawer and enjoy the soft scent of blooming flowers every time you open it.

  • elegant vintage-inspired design – add a touch of old-world charm to your wardrobe with real rose petals
  • made with a blend of sustainable coconut & soy waxes and stearic acid for excellent scent throw
  • long-lasting fragrance – this tablet will continue freshening your wardrobe for up to a year
  • 60cm ribbon allows you to hang the tablet from the wardrobe rail
  • Wax tablets are heat sensitive.  Keep away from heat and direct sunlight