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Skull and Roses Biodegradable Travel Mug

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You can enjoy your favourite drinks on the go
time and time again thanks to this fabulous
reusable travel cop. Our extensive range of
tableware is made from a composite of
sustainably grown and fast renewable organic
bamboo mixed with corn starch and finished
with melamine for durability.
Over 500 Billion coffee cups are discarded
each year around the world and only 1% of
these are recycled. The bamboo in this
product has been recycled from the offcuts
of chopsticks, making our reusable travel cup
a great way to drink your morning coffee on
the move and help the environment.
60% Bamboo, 35% Melamine and 5% Corn Starch
Caution not to be used with liquids over 70"C
Danger of scalding.