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Mi Woolies Chamois

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The Mi Woollies Chamois Cloths make cleaning a breeze.        

Genuine chamois leather is a unique and natural product. Selected sheepskins are 100% cod oil tanned to give the luxurious, golden, soft finish. Typically chamois leather is used to dry off surfaces after washing. This is due to the absorbency and softness of the leather as it absorbs 500% of its own weight. Grime particles are drawn away from the surface being cleaned. The particles are held within the hollow fibre of the leather, eliminating abrasion. 

High quality chamois leather can be expensive, so why should you buy the real thing when you can get cheaper substitutes? Genuine chamois leather is a natural product which has unique properties enabling it to absorb not only water but also dirt. This is vitally important when you wash your car because residue and leftover dirt can cause the finish to look dull or, in the worst cases, scratch the paintwork. Synthetic chamois, whilst very good at emulating the drying properties of a chamois leather, does not absorb the dirt from the surface and therefore may smear it.


  • Large Size (3.00 square feet)


  • Chamois leather tanned in New Zealand to the highest specification.
  • Sold as singular units.
  • New Zealand made

Caring for your Chamois Cloth:

You need to care for chamois leather in order to get the best out of it. Contrary to popular belief, storing a chamois leather wet in a jar or sealed bag will cause it to deteriorate quickly and leave it virtually useless. This is because chamois leather is tanned with fish oil, giving it its unique smell and also enhancing its absorption. Storing the chamois wet causes the skin to naturally deteriorate. Likewise, if a detergent (such as washing up liquid) is used to rinse the chamois, it will remove the oil oxidised into the skin during the tanning process, leaving it (once dry) hard and brittle and less likely to freely absorb both dirt and water.

The best way to look after your chamois, after washing your car, is to rinse it well with warm water and lather it with a bar of soap (just an ordinary bar of soap as you would use to wash your hands). Rinse the soap and dirt from the chamois under warm water and lather the soap in again. Without rinsing in clean water, squeeze it dry and leave the skin to dry naturally, away from direct heat. Leaving the soap in the skin helps to keep it supple and soft. The next time you need to use your chamois, rinse it in warm water, squeeze it dry and it is ready for use.