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DEXAM Burger Press

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Make your homemade burgers better than ever! This gadget will help you to produce batches of evenly sized and shaped round burgers which cook more evenly than hand formed patties. A burger press also makes more compact burgers that hold together better than hand formed burgers. Making them at home gives you the freedom to create your own classic burgers or experiment with your own flavours. And you can control exactly what goes into the burgers you eat - a healthier alternative to pre-packed burgers - no hidden additives or preservatives. For best results: oil the interior of the press lightly before use. To use: place the draining plate in the base, then fill the base with your burger mixture. Place the top on and press down on the handle. To release the burger, lift off the handle and press the base plate from underneath. The draining plate has a ridged surface on one side and smooth surface on the other. You may find that using the ridged surface of the draining plate makes it easier to get burgers out. Dishwasher safe. Made from polypropylene plastic, and makes 11cm diameter burgers. Height:4.800cm Width:13.500cm Depth:13.5cm Weight:0.115kg